About Us
Mr. Frank (Phuoc) Nguyen.  Lic.# I3966-002
Mr. Frank has been a driving instructor for well over fifteen years.  Mr. Frank is the owner of a very friendly and patient personality and for that reason he has taught students from all over Southern California, as far as Irvine, Fullerton, and Cerritos.  There is not doubt that his students are very pleased with his lessons and teachings because most of his students are referrals from past students.  Mr. Frank mainly focuses on students from the Middle East like India and Pakistan, yet he is able to teach any other ethnic group.

Diep Phan.  Lic.# I3966-003
Diep Phan has twenty years of experience under his belt and because of that he is well liked by adults and teens in the Westminster Area.  Mr. Phan’s experience and popularity in the local area allows him to concentrate and train students effectively.  Mr. Phan is well known and well respected in the local area because he shows that driving is a serious business and he projects that in his lessons.  Mr. Phan gives 100% to help his students obtain the best training they can receive.

Uy Nguyen. Lic.# I3966-004
Uy Nguyen is the most experienced of all four driving instructors with well over 30 years experience.  One of his unique skills is to train students to pass their DMV license test on their first try.  Mr. Nguyen is a very effective trainer and for that reason will provide his students with excellent driving skills to satisfactory pass their driving test.




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